Retirement Board

What does Retirement Board Offer?
(retirement board is no riding, lay ups welcome)
(occasional ride is ok..weekly riding is considered full Board)

Private or group turnout weather permitting
Hay 3x a day
Grain fed 2x a day
Fresh water daily
Blankets/Sheets/Boots changed when needed
Feet Picked
Groomings 4-5 days a week on crossties
Farrier holding
Nutritionist evaluations from Poulin grain 3-4x a year to maintain nutritional needs
Supplements fed provided by you
Visit any time!
Updates on your horse sent by me so you are in touch with your horse

What do we feed?

Quality hay tilled from our land grass mix.

Grain: high end Poulin grain professionally matched to your horses needs.

Get on the calendar and reserve your spot here.